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O’Neill Mutant hooded wetsuit

Small additions make a big difference in this best-value wetsuit


O’Neill’s most versatile wetsuit


The features that made the Mutant one of the best-value wetsuits are still here: the detachable hood, solid construction, liquid seams, firewall and smooth skin.

New for 2013, are a few little additions that are going to add up to big differences. With Ultraflex neoprene on the lower body and Fluidflex on the lower body, the Mutant feels measurably lighter, warmer and more flexible than before.

The plasma seals on the suit are better than last season. The plasma seal is now broken into two unconnected seals providing a stronger barrier against the cold. There’s also an additional plasma seal on the body where the neck piece connects with the body.

The velcro piece that used to hold the hood’s zip is now a tougher more durable snap close. The attachable hood is really effective at keeping the water out, which is especially welcome when duck-diving in ice-cold waters.

To reduce flushing even further and prevent over-expansion, the wrist and ankle areas have been fitted with fluid seam weld seal. On warmer winter days or during autumn and spring, you can remove the hood and attach the neck piece.


O’Neill keeps surprising us by releasing top quality wetsuits, which are sold at very reasonable prices. The Mutant is one of the most versatile wetsuits on the market, making it outstanding value for money.

It’s dual closure system, a detachable hood and neck piece, means the Mutant can be used throughout the year, making it ideal for UK waters. With the hood attachment, you’re going to be super warm, even in the coldest of days.

Once you use the detachable hood, you’ll never go back to surfing with a separate hood again. Say goodbye to ice-cold flushing!

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