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BBC’s Operation Iceberg reveals hidden Arctic world

Naturalist Chris Packham and extreme adventurer Andy Torbet join BBC TV team living on a Greenland glacier to uncover the secrets above, below and inside these ice monsters

Chris Packham, Helen Czerski, Andy Torbet, Chris Van Tulleken and Doug Allanndy have spent months living and working on the might Store Glacier in Greenland for a new BBC Two TV series, Operation Iceberg.

Showing over two episodes in October and November, the programme will reveal for the first time the life cycle of icebergs, from birth to death, by allowing researchers unprecedented access over a long period. During the project, the team climbed inside, dived beneath, and roamed above the glacier, even yachting close to the calving behemoth waiting for its new icebergs to split off.

The second episode sees the team climbing aboard a vast iceberg in Canada, dealing with polar bears, sudden break-ups beneath their feet and the life-threatening cold of the Arctic – even diving into the water to understand how immersion affects the human body.

Ep 1 – BBC Two, Tuesday 30th October at 9pm
Ep 2 – BBC Two, Thursday 1st November at 9pm

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