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Man vs Wild adventurer Bear Grylls opens survival academy

If you want to learn the kind of advanced survival skills that TV's Bear Grylls uses on his programmes, like Man vs Wild and Born Survivor, then here's your chance: Grylls himself will teach you at his survival academy in the Scottish Highlands

Time for survival fans to go one on one with Bear Grylls himself – the Man vs Wild and Born Survivor star has started his own survival academy in the Scottish Highlands where you’ll get personal tuition from Grylls on the techniques he uses himself.

The six-day courses are open to ten people at a time, culminating an an epic 36-hour wilderness trial where you get to put all the survival lessons to the test. According to the official literature, here’s what you get:

Techniques include how to make a fire in the pouring rain, build lifesaving emergency shelters, train in knife skills, forage for grubs and rodents, remote medical trauma, rappelling, extreme weather survival and white-water river crossings.

The first course kicks off at the start of November, so if you’re interested in applying do it fast. Next year they plan to stage Bear Grylls academies in Africa and the USA, so you may still get a chance to go in 2013 too. At £2,999 per person for this year’s Scottish survival course, it’s not cheap – but what better way to spend a week of your holiday this fall?

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