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Garmin GPS watch may save your smartphone from danger

The Garmin Fenix GPS watch is designed to rescue trail runners, canoeists and mountaineers from danger – and because it's as good as any app, it's likely to save your GPS-enabled smartphone from a dunking in the future

The Garmin Fenix GPS watch is the first wristwatch to incorporate Garmin’s GPS navigation system with altimer, barometer and compass in a compact timepiece that’s perfect for outdoor sports.

Developed with professional mountain guides, the Garmin Fenix has a high-sensitivity GPS receiver built in, and uses a worldwide basemap for navigation wherever you find yourself. As GPS becomes more available for phones, it’s hard to find an alternative way to use it that is really cost-effective as a traveller or sportsman, but having the whole package bundled up in a wristwatch is probably more convenient – and safer – than carrying your expensive smartphone into danger.

Just like you’d expect from any rival smartphone app, you get all the training aids that GPS can enable, like distance, speed and calorie counters, but unlike your smartphone this is hardwearing and waterproof. As anyone can tell you, it’s also a damn sight easier to check where you’re going when it’s strapped to your wrist too. Runners, climbers, skiers and kayakers will appreciate the difference.

Users can share their data via ANT, a Garmin-compatible app that connects to your phone and allows you to upload or download tracks and routes.

All in all, a great piece of news for people who love their GPS apps but fear to take their phones out into the wild.

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    The Garmin Fenix is the first GPS navigator + ABC (Altimeter, Barometer & Compass) wristwatch to include comprehensive Garmin GPS navigation.