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Aquapac 15L Noatak Wet and Dry Bag

A lightweight and 100% waterproof daypack, stash bag or emergency grab bag
Aquapac 15L Noatak Wet and Dry Bag


Aquapac 15L Noatak Wet and Dry bag


Keep out any rain, mud or sea spray, whatever your pursuits. 100% waterproof and buoyant.


These lightweight bags are suited to a wide range of outdoor recreation.
You would be forgiven for initially presuming these to simply be a waterproof cover for your existing bag – but with built in shoulder straps and internal wet and dry sectioned pockets the Noatak is so much more.

Made from super-strong ripstop TPU coated nylon, the single roll-down opening will keep water out, while anything damp and dirty inside stays separate to your clean and dry gear thanks to two individual compartments.

A lunchtime dip in freezing british waters christened our pack into the perfect wetsuit/beach bag. The small 15L size was perfect for stashing the soaking suit down one side and a dry towel down the other. With an integrated lash tab and strap that doubles as a chest strap it will be the new accompaniment on summer kayak excursions too, keeping sea spray at bay from salt-sensitive accessories.

Of course, you need not feel restricted by this snug 15-litre capacity version: Aquapac have these bags in 25 and 35 litres too. All have been certified as “IPX6″ after some rigorous tests at Imperial College in London. Simply put, they’re fire-hose proof.


These bags are built to keep things light, so don’t expect a padded back or too many extras to keep you comfortable if you have a serious hike ahead of you. They do however fold down to a minimal size for whipping out of your regular rucksack should a dodgy river crossing lay ahead (the 15l weighs 260g). Perfectly suited to the weekend day tripper whether walking, cycling, sailing, kayaking or simply heading to the beach. With a full 5-year warranty you can’t go wrong with a Noatak.

  • Performance
    8 out of 10
  • Quality
    8 out of 10
  • Appearance
    9 out of 10
  • Value for money
    8 out of 10
  • WideWorld Rating
    8 out of 10