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Howler Brothers Loggerhead Longsleeve

Ultra-light longsleeve shirt for the great outdoors


Howler Brothers Loggerhead Longsleeve


Ultra light, UPF 45 longsleeve outdoor shirt


First thing’s first: even before we tried on Howler Brothers’ Loggerhead Longsleeve outdoor shirt, we had a look at the beautifully designed, retro-looking label. It hints at Howler Brothers’ founders’ inspirations for their clothing line: “surfing, fishing, paddling and the good things that come with these pursuits… things like fire pits, really good tequila, limes and pre-dawn coffee.” Er, right up WideWorld’s street then.

Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian spent their childhood summers surfing and fishing off the coasts of Florida and Virginia; both now live in Austin, Texas, where they fly fish and dart for the state’s rivers or coastline as often as possible. And with Howler Brothers they wanted to create high-quality clothing that drew on the style and tradition of coastal sports.

So with that in mind, WideWorld donned the Loggerhead Longsleeve – a lightweight, stylish, stretchy shirt – and went paddling along the Colorado river in Heard and Stepanian’s home town of Austin. The Texas sun is normally a scorcher and though it’s not much of a threat this time of year, in a few months, we’ll be glad of this shirt’s UPF 45 sunblock fabric. Because it’s made of polyester, it’s also incredibly light and so it keeps you cool, too. This means if you inadvertently take the plunge, it won’t take long to dry either.

The Loggerhead also boasts a mini zip-up ‘stash pocket’ to stow your essentials but which also doubles as a sunglasses cleaner as it’s made of microfibre fabric.

This is an impressive shirt: comfortable, roomy, light, and designed specifically with adventurers in mind.


We won’t be wearing anything else on top for watersports and hiking this Spring

  • Performance
    9 out of 10
  • Quality
    9 out of 10
  • Appearance
    8 out of 10
  • Value for money
    9 out of 10
  • WideWorld Rating
    9 out of 10