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O’Neill Psychofreak Winter Wetsuit

A 4.5/3.5mm winter wetsuit with XDS-Air Firewall technology
O'Neill Psychofreak Winter Wetsuit


O’Neill Psychofreak Winter Wetsuit


The Psychofreak takes you beyond warm, beyond flexible and beyond your imagination.


The O’Neill Psychofreak is the top of the range wetsuit for surfing frigid waters. Our testing conditions were typical of British winter surf with a water temperature of just 9ºC. Sure enough, O’Neill proved themselves to be one of the best choices you can make in technical winter wetsuits.

It’s all in the state-of-the-art thermal insulation in the chest, back and lower core. This XDS-Air Firewall is more wicking than ever using a hydrophobic material that retains heat while remaining ultra-lightweight and flexible.

UltraFlex XDS neoprene in the arms, shoulders and legs create a super-silky, stretchy, durable second skin with movement in all the right places.

O’Neill’s classic Zen zip closure system is designed with an inner layer of neoprene, keeping water from seeping on to your back through the zip and ensures a perfect fit around the neck for those ice cream-headache duck dives.

An external key pocket on the calf saves on shivering outside the car while fumbling for an internal alternative and the 2x fluid seam welds are as tough as they are stretchy.


When surf sessions become shortened by the cold rather than your paddling stamina, the O’Neill can bring back the joy of a winter line-up. Receiving ‘Wetsuit of the Year’ for 2009 SIMA Awards, the Psychofreak has surpassed itself with the 2010 model. Arguably the most comfortable and advanced winter wetsuit you could own, it’s also available in both heavier and lighter gauges. You no longer have to be in the hardcore year-round elite to enjoy the winter surfing season.

  • Performance
    9 out of 10
  • Quality
    10 out of 10
  • Appearance
    9 out of 10
  • Value for money
    8 out of 10
  • WideWorld Rating
    9 out of 10