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Mulebar Natural Energy Bars

100% natural energy sports nutrition
Mulebar Natural Energy Bars


Mulebar Natural Energy Bars


Fuel for adventure


Created by outdoor types, for outdoor types. Mulebar is used by triathlete champions and Tour de France riders alike.

With guaranteed 100% natural ingredients, the range of diverse flavours means there is something for all tastes – including the weird and wonderful ‘Liquorice’ flavour with coconut and fennel seeds (subtle enough even for a non-liquorice eater to enjoy!) and Mulebar’s homage to the Austrian pastry, the ‘Strudel’ bar, with organic apple and cinnamon.

As the sponsor of Tour of Britain and The Prostate Cancer Charity Tour Rides, Mulebar has created the great British ‘Summer Pudding’ with raspberry, cranberry and blackcurrant. The choice continues with ‘Hunza Nut’ containing organic apricot and walnut, ‘Pinacolada’ with pineapple, coconut and goji berry and ‘Chocolate Fig’ Fiesta with almond.

Mulebar have expanded beyond their beginnings of 65g bars to include a couple of 30g bite-size options and two ReFuel bars. Packed with 20% protein, they come in ‘Chocolate & Date’ and ‘Chocolate & Banana’ flavour.

The latest in their sports nutrition are the two 37g gels, ‘Lemon Zinger’ and Cherry Bomb’ a super intense energy hit with high GI sugars from brown rice syrup providing the carbohydrate equivalent of rocket-fuel and some medium GI sugars for slower release – perfect before endurance exercise and during high activity for that extra boost.


Mulebar are doing everything right: great flavours, natural ingredients, and ethical ethos. Mulebar supports 1% for the Planet donating that percentage of their sales to a network of environmental organisations worldwide as well as being a Fairtrade member. It’s not just supporting our being outdoors, but the outdoors itself. A great tasting and healthy range for even the fussiest of fitness fanatics.

  • Quality
    9 out of 10
  • Value for money
    8 out of 10
  • WideWorld Rating
    9 out of 10