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Vango Supernova 5000

5 season synthetic sleeping bag


Vango Supernova 5000 sleeping bag


Recommended sleeping comfort from +15 to -12ºC


Vango have crammed this sleeping bag full of all the technology required for comfort at extreme temperatures. So much so that you could sleep in -26ºC if need be, or at least be perfectly snug at -8.

The unique selling point is immediately clear when you slip into the bag: it fits like a glove. Don’t expect to sleep spread-eagled in this bag, that’s not what it’s for. This Supernova 5000 is all about efficiency.

So how does it work? Off-set, double layer construction means that where one layer is at its thinnest (where it’s stitched, for instance) the other is at its thickest. These layers slide freely and keep the fill from snagging and lumping, but here is the trick – the inner layer, with Vango’s Thermal Embrace System comprises of elasticated threads that hug the inside of the bag to your body. By trapping warm air snugly against your form the Embrace system keeps the warm air from billowing out at every wriggle, while the outer layer maintains its loft.

Aluminised reflective lining reflects heat back into the bag, and with zip, neck and head baffles, this very affordable Supernova range of synthetic sleeping bags are packed with comfort. The 5000 is the most extreme, closely followed by the 4-season 3000 and the 3-4 season 1000, both £80 and £70 respectively and decrease in packed size and weight.

The all important list of tech comprises of: Omega shaping, Off-set double layer construction, Insulite® aero insulation, Thermal Embrace System, Polair® RSN shell, Polair® mini-RSN lining, aluminised reflective interlining, profiled 4-panel 3D hood with insulated face baffle, multi-cord hood closure Insulated shoulder & zip baffle, 2-way autolock zip (left-hand), zip extends around foot for extra ventilation, zip guard, arrow foot, internal pocket with velcro closure and all supplied with 4-strap compression stuffsac. The sleeping bag is 210cm long, giving a user height limit of 190cm.


Vango have successfully combined a range of features that result in a sleeping bag that is both light and supremely comfortable (just shy of 2kg). The only draw back is the rather large stuff sack (30x23cm/12.5 litres when uncompressed) which is to be expected from a synthetic bag. However, what the Supernova loses in packed size and weight, it makes up for in comfort, immediate loft, and affordability.